After 2017 Publications

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2011 to 2014 Publications

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Before 2011 Publications

  1. E. Tarokh, M. Ebrahimi, E. Ebrahimiei, M. Ebrahimi, Fatemeh Zamansani, Narjes Rahpeyma Sarvestani, Manijeh Mohammadi-Dehcheshmeh. “Modeling and Comparative Study of Ammonium Transporters in Different Organisms by Simultaneous Study of a Large Number of Protein Features Through Data Mining Algorithms”, accepted for publication in Genes & Genomics Journal (J. no. 13258), ISSN: 1976-9571, Springer. June. 2011.
  2. E. Tarokh, A. Ashrafi, E. Ebrahimie. “Feature Selection of Ammonium Transporters in Deference Organisms by Bioinformatics”, 11th Iranian Genetics Congress. May. 2010, Tehran, Iran.
  3. E. Tarokh, A. Delavari, E. Ebrahimie. “Study of Similarities and Differences between Plants and Human Ammonium Transporters”, 6th National Biotechnology Congress of I. R., Aug. 2009, Milad Tower Convention Hall, Tehran, Iran.